Meet Lawrence Landscapes.


Lawrence Landscapes has been designing, building, and managing masterpieces for nearly thirty years. We're a team of landscape architects, horticulturalists, and landscape designers who share real vision for a property's potential, and possess extraordinary talent to fully craft our vision. Read our stories to learn what makes us tick!


About Us

Brett Russ

Landcsape Designer


Still waters run deep is a good way to describe Brett. He’s unassuming but his designs are impactful. He’s the breath of fresh air when we need it most. The one who’s thinking of a design in an entirely different way.


Brett’s approach is similar to Nanci nad Pete, in that the client is the first consideration in the design. For instance, what does the homeowner want the space to accomplish? Is it going to be a personal retreat? Or is it a family space that needs to be toddler-friendly? What personal tastes does the client have? And how can the newly designed space look like it was always there? These questions alone can be daunting, but they also fuel the design ideas.


What gets Brett fired up about his work? “I just love getting lost in the process. When I begin, I have no idea of what I’m going to come up with in the end. Then when it’s finished, I think, wow, I did that without realizing it.”

Nanci Angle

Senior Manager
& Horticulturalist

Peter Mahony

New Jersey Licensed

Landscape Architect

Brett Russ

Landscape Designer

Roger Nieto


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